Medinative : The Health Practitioner Network

Medinative : The Health Practitioner Network

Message from The Health Practitioner Network

The Future Of Natural Health Care

The Health Practitioner Network is a FREE service that is open to all Natural Health Practitioners who are dedicated to alleviating suffering using a natural approach to health care.

We provide our members with a diverse range of services that are all designed to increase the profile of their practises and to raise awareness of a natural approach to health and well being.

We believe that health is built from the inside out and it is only by establishing a true balance as nature intended can we regain control of our health and wellbeing.

The Best In Natural Health

When you choose to become a Member of The Health Practitioner Network you have decided to contribute to increasing awareness of a truly natural approach to health care. The provision of a truly valuable health solution is not simply any one therapy. Rather it is a collection of trusted approaches to health that embrace all therapies that have proven themselves to offer amazing health benefits.

  • We offer members access to products and technologies that can be used alongside any of the  therapies that our members practise.
  • We also offer our members access to a huge array of products which can be used by their clients to supplement their diet or alleviate pain and suffering. This is all provided free of charge as part of our members practise web site or Facebook  page.
  • Each member receives their own branded E-Commerce store to which they can direct their clients to purchase products that they have recommended in their practise.

Never before has a solution like The Health Practitioner Network existed that embraced education as their primary objective. Only through education of our members can we open ours and our clients eyes to the possibilities that exist in the natural health care world.

The Health Practitioner Network is open to all Natural Health Practitioners who share our belief and vision. Our members are rewarded for their efforts in the promotion of natural health by way of a share in the turnover that is generated each month by their store.

Our members have the ability to reduce the running costs of their practises by availing of many discounted products and services available exclusively to members.

The Health Practitioner Network is poised to change the landscape of Natural Health by combining Ancient Wisdom & Modern Technology.

We hope you will connect with us and our motivations. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.