Medinative : The Health Practitioner Network

Medinative : The Health Practitioner Network

Exclusive Member Discounts

Our goal when establishing The Health Practitioner Network was to create an organisation that actually worked towards improving the quality of our members and their clients health and lives. A key aspect of our organisation is to work with our members to drive down the costs associated to running their practice. Our whole goal is to share our profits with all involved within our group and this is extended to giving discounts to our members on any products that they need either personally or professionally.

When you become a member of The Health Practitioner Network you have a number of options available to you regarding the purchase of your own products.

Option 1.

As a member you can purchase any of the products you need from our store. We will supply you with a discount code which you can use during the checkout process and a discount will be applied immediately to your order.

Option 2.

You can visit our store and purchase the products that you need. During the checkout process enter your membership code and then a commission on this order will be applied to your account. Then at the end of the month we will transfer this commission payment to you. This is a great way to build up a nice lump sum at the end of the month and is really popular with our members that don’t own one of our Free E-Commerce Stores.

Option 3.

When we provide you with your own e-Commerce of Facebook store you are free to promote as you wish. You have the option of purchasing products from your own store and with this option all purchases are automatically associated to your membership account and earn you commission with each order. Same applies to your own orders and our members are enjoying healthy monthly commissions being paid to their Paypal accounts.